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People REALLY Like Me!

    This was the best book ever!!! I am a studio owner and I just had to pass this book on to my artistic director. I think it is going to become required reading. I seriously lost my cookies laughing so hard on page two that my 6-year-old old ballerina was rolling her eyes. I can’t wait to read more about your classes at D.U.M. as you advance. I just bought 5 more copies!!! I love sharing this book.   ~ Meredith French


    Such a great character. The new Eloise. Buy this one for your family library. It will be a classic.   ~ Sondra Beninati


    This book is hysterical at any age! The writing puts you directly on the scene.   ~ Lady Colleen Heller

    My daughters think this is the best book ever!!  I bought the book Pardon My French - It’s The Language Of Ballet because both my daughters are aspiring ballerinas. They were rolling on the floor squealing with laughter. They haven’t put the book down yet. They were reading it out loud and my husband and I were laughing just as hard as they were. Thank you Nancy Paris for giving us Lilly Nilly. We love her and can’t wait to read more of her adventures and her very thoughtful wisdom filled take on life.


    Delightful.  Lilly Nilly is a wickedly smart tale of a determined young dancer. Lilly sees the world in a unique way that will speak to children of all ages. It is refreshing to see a young girl’s process of learning, understanding, and navigating life and the maturity that the dance world fosters. Lilly Nilly, I beg you for a sequel. 


    I highly recommend this book!  I love how the author has written this book. The illustrations are super too! It’s enjoyable for children as well as adults. The book is remarkably witty and funny, so you want to read again and again. Highly Recommend, You won’t be disappointed. 


    A perfect gift  Such fun and so smart. A story that everyone can identify with as Lilly Nilly dances through life and tries to find her way. Heartwarming and optimistic. It’s what we need more of these days. 


    A delight for young and old  It was a joy reading this book. Every page made me laugh... and the illustrations complement the text and are whimsical! Enjoy! 

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