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Fan photos !

Hiya People! Here are some of my supercute friends. Have your mom or dad take your picture with my book, and send it to We'll post it on our website, and send you a sneak preview of my next book as a "thank you!"

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Hugo and Olympia
Press ​ by David Mead     

     It looks like a children’s book. In some ways it is. Kids who take ballet classes will love it especially, although younger ones might need some help with the vocabulary used by the precocious 6-year-old Lilly Nilly in her off-beat thoughts and observations of life in and out of the ballet studio. But Nancy Paris’ Pardon My French – It’s the Language of Ballet will equally delight adults too, particularly those with aspiring ballet dancer children or experience of ballet themselves. It’s just as well it’s only 40 pages, because I couldn’t put it down. I think I laughed or smiled knowingly on every page.

      Her stories (not all about ballet) are often hilarious, always relatable to real life. Anyone who has ever set foot inside a ballet studio, at any age, will recognize the characters Lilly introduces us to. That it should be so is perhaps no surprise as they spring from the author’s own experience as a young dance student, and later, after graduating from New York City’s Juilliard School, as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer across the US and Canada. Adults will relish her wit, spirit, and eternally optimistic outlook on life.

     Pardon My French – It’s the Language of Ballet is a little gem. Like all the best ballets, leaves you demanding more. So, it’s great news that Paris (who says she loves writing and drawing because she can do it sitting down!) has promised at least another two books in The Adventures of Lilly Nilly series.   READ MORE

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Pardon My French – It’s the Language of Ballet is written in the relatable language of a precocious, exuberant, and strong-willed girl, and complete with “supercute” childlike illustrations, the delightfully funny story, based on Paris’s own personal experiences as a professional dancer and teacher, encourages readers of all ages to share in Lilly’s adorable joie de vivre, “to trust their instincts, seek their own answers, and be kind to all.” I’m not exactly a six-year-old, but it kept me laughing and loving this spunky little girl, her irrepressible curiosity, and the valuable lessons she learned.   READ MORE

Seven Summer Situations: That Were Not My Fault! – The second in Nancy Paris’s “supercute” semi-autobiographical children’s book series, The Adventures of Lilly Nilly, follows the misadventures of the now seven-year-old ballet student over her summer vacation from school and dance studio, when the inquisitive fun-loving girl had time to take on exciting new escapades that would quickly become messy “situations.”   READ MORE



My daughters think this is the best book ever!!

I bought the book Pardon My French - It’s The Language Of Ballet because both my daughters are aspiring ballerinas. They were rolling on the floor squealing with laughter. They haven’t put the book down yet. They were reading it out loud and my husband and I were laughing just as hard as they were. Thank you Nancy Paris for giving us Lilly Nilly. We love her and can’t wait to read more of her adventures and her very thoughtful wisdom filled take on life

I highly recommend this book!

I love how the author has written this book. The illustrations are super too! It’s enjoyable for children as well as adults. The book is remarkably witty and funny, so you want to read again and again. Highly Recommend, You won’t be disappointed! 



The Tom Sumner Radio Program Interview

Here's my author mom, Nancy Paris, on the radio with talk show host Tom Sumner. I was there too, but I couldn't get a word in edgewise.

Studio 3 - WSAZ TV Author Interview Segment

Here’s my author mom Nancy Paris chit-chatting about me with Susan Nicholas and Josie Fletcher on WSAZ-TV’s Studio 3. I was there, too, but you couldn’t see me because I’m short.

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